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The FLOW Dental Aesthetics EXPERIENCE

Our goal is to make every patient feel welcome during their appointment. Behind the scenes, we offer state-of-the-art dental care, staying apprised of trends and changes in modern dentistry to ensure our patients receive the best possible service. A key part of the FLOW Dental Aesthetics patient experience is the one-on-one consultation in which our dentists discuss treatment and care options as well as budget.

Why Choose Us?

FLOW Dental Aesthetics (also known as Wispelway Dental) has been providing comprehensive dental services to patients in the Franklin Lakes area since 1980—and we are considered one of the most trusted and respected Franklin Lakes dentists. Dr. Chris Wispelwey joined the practice in 2015.

Here, you’ll be in the best of hands for all your general dentistry needs. With a comfortable waiting room and ergonomic dental chairs, our office is designed with your comfort in mind. As a primary dental care provider, we’re focused on providing only the best possible care to help our patients have a healthy smile they can be confident in.

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Smile Transformations

Discover the Benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry at Flow Dental Aesthetics

At Flow Dental Aesthetics, we understand that dental treatments can be a source of stress and anxiety for many people. That’s why we believe in doing what’s best for our patients, not just what’s easy. Our approach to dentistry is based on biomimetic principles, which prioritize preserving healthy tooth structure and promoting natural balance in the mouth.

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A Positive Dental Experience

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